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The Indiana Cemetery Locator File is a listing of names of cemeteries where burials can be found in books or microfilm in the Genealogy Division.  It contains listings submitted by individuals and historical societies in the field throughout the years.  Call numbers are used to show books in the Indiana State Library's collection with cemetery listings.  It also seeks to identify cemeteries where there are no burial listings.  Such call numbers are designated with location only. Cemeteries in the database will have several call numbers, which indicate readings of that cemetery at different times. While some of the information may be the same there will be differences for later readings.  The database also seeks to provide web addresses for cemeteries listed in our database.  The links are made to public libraries, historical societies sites, and other major cemetery websites for listings.  Listing of new information is an on-going process.  Some cemetery listings may be more up to date than others as cemetery transcribing may be more active in certain counties. The web addresses listed in the Indiana Cemetery Locator file list library or historical society websites only. Although there are many cemetery listings in RootsWeb, or USGenWeb the web addresses change frequently.  For access to their listings the following descriptions and URL’s apply: 

Indiana Resources at RootsWeb: 

USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project. The URL for Indiana is:


The database can be searched by name of cemetery, county of cemetery, and location. A new field which was added after the cemetery name shows whether there is a website for that cemetery. If yes, then selecting the link for the name of the cemetery will provide the complete web address. When searching the location statement it can be done by township name, such as Wayne Twp., street name such as Girls School Rd., or natural feature such as Eagle Creek.  At the present time it is not possible to display multiple web addresses in the web address field.  Please search for additional web addresses in the Remarks field.  If a web address is in the Remarks field, please cut and paste it in the address field of your web browser.


Due to the number of records and working from copies or abstracts of the original records, there may be some misinterpretation of information from the original records to this electronic format.  The web addresses listed after the cemetery name field are current at the time of posting and will be checked on a periodic basis to be sure they are accurate. Since late 2007 it has not been possible to post accurate website addresses, in the internet field, due to Indiana State restrictions.  Software development to make this possible is now being developed.  Please continue to check RootsWeb and other cemetery online databases for links to other cemeteries.  Please watch this informational page as well for further updates.

We invite any comments and suggestions.  We also welcome any new cemetery burial listings or updates showing recent burials for the current cemetery names in the database. The staff of the Indiana State Library can not verify the accuracy of cemetery inscriptions or location descriptions that are contained in any of our listings.

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