New Albany Newspaper Index
1849 - 1889

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About the Index

This index covers the years 1849-1889 for New Albany newspapers.

 General Searching Instructions

Type in the name of the person you are seeking, or the broad subject heading you want. You can also search for particular towns or counties outside Indianapolis. If you are looking for the name of a person, you may enter the first and last names in any order. Do not use AND to link your search terms; accident railroad will find all entries with both accident and railroad in the entry.

Sample searches:

When you are finished typing the name, be sure to click the "Start Search" button. If you do not, you will receive an error message.

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Common questions asked

How do I find a specific person?

Begin by searching for the first and last names of the person. Sometimes, the first names are abbreviated: William may be entered as Wm., James may be entered as Jas., and so forth. Very often, only initials were provided for first and middle names.

If you can't find the name you are looking for on the first try, try entering an abbreviated version of the name or search just on the last name. Remember, newspapers in the 1800s did not provide obituaries or death notices for everyone who passed away; a small portion of those who died were noted in the newspapers.

How do I find women's names?

The Logansport Newspaper Index includes women who are listed under their own names (i.e. Mary Smith), as well as those listed only under the names of their husbands (i.e. Mrs. W. H. H. Smith). Unfortunately, in some cases the woman is listed only as Mrs. Smith!

Why can't I find someone?

Despite the fact that you know someone died in Logansport or in Cass County during 1848-1855, they may still not appear. Obituaries as we know them were not a regular feature of many newspapers. In the case of weekly papers, by the time a death notice was ready to print it was often old news.

Can I search by year?

No. However, you can search for dates on which the newspaper was published. Enter the dates as MM-DD-YYYY. An example would be 1-3-1853. Not all dates were indexed, so you may not find what you want.

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Understanding Your Search Results

Your results will be retrieved in the order in which they were entered into the database. This is not always a straight alphabetical order; you will need to view all entries to make sure that you did not overlook one.

Each entry will show the name of the person or the subject heading, the abbreviated name of the newspaper in which the article was located , the date of the article, and the page and column number for the article. For example:


Article Citation:

ACCIDENT / Railroad / As a result of a boiler explosion, 2 killed. Samuel J. Crissey and Halsey King, many injured. Logansport Weekly Journal. 3-2-1850. p 2, c 4.

In this example, there is an article about a railroad accident caused by a boiler explosion, which killed Samuel J. Crissey and Halsey King, in the Logansport Weekly Journal on March 2, 1850, page 2, column 4.

Many of the people indexed have very short articles; the obituaries and death notices may not include the types of information commonly found in today's newspapers.

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Obtaining Copies of Articles

Once you have a citation, you can locate the articles in the newspaper.  The Indiana State Library's Newspaper Collection has all of the necessary issues available on microfilm, for use within the library or available via interlibrary loan through your local library.

If there is a full citation (name of paper, date of paper, page, and column number), you may also request  a photocopy of the article through our Ask a Librarian service.  You may view our current photocopy cost list to determine the charges for your photocopies.  Please allow ten working days for response requests.

Please be aware that the Indiana Division is not able to respond immediately to requests for copies of newspaper articles. It may take two to four weeks before a response is sent, depending on the number of requests already received and staff available. If your request for photocopies requires an immediate response, refer to a list of fee-based researchers.

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