VINE   (Vital INformation Exchange): Searching    Back

       The database is searchable by county, record type, organization, or through a general surname search.  It is important to note that no fields are mandatory; you will however achieve better results if you enter as much information as possible. The more information the search engine has to compare the better: your results will be. This means that you should fill in as many fields as possible with known facts. If you find your search has returned to many, or to few results you should narrow, or broaden your search by adding or deleting information.

  Improving search results:

  • Change the spelling of the individualís name.
  • For common surnames, fill in additional fields.
  • Choose the county from the drop down menu to narrow your search to a particular area of Indiana,
    or choose ALL to search all areas of Indiana.
  • Choose Organization to limit your search to a particular organization, or choose ALL from the
    drop down menu to search all organizations.
  • Narrow the search results by choosing the specific record type you are looking for from the drop down menu.